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BR-Rela isn’t just an insurance agency, but a company of compassionate people that are on a constant pursuit towards insuring and ensuring the brightest future for you and your loved ones.

As we treat our clients like how we treat our own, BR-Rela shoulders the core values of the utmost integrity, so that we may build trust and honesty with every project we work on.

We are always willing to go the extra mile for you.

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Emergency Fund

Emergency Fund is commonly mistaken as your own savings stored away in your bank or under your pillowcase. It is money stored separately away from your savings into another account with the sole purpose of having that backed up money during a ´real´ emergency. So, what constitutes a real emergency and how much do I need to set aside for this? With BR-Rela´s expertise in providing a bespoke financial planning service, together with BR-Rela, we will help guide you across your needs to start building a great foundation for yourself.

Income Protection

Half of our lives are dedicated to earning an income to provide for ourselves, our loved ones, and our future. Hence, it is important that we protect our future potential income to secure ourselves and our loved one a brighter future and a family's peace of mind. Transferring this risk away of potentially losing your income due to circumstances beyond your control such as tragic moments like death, permanent and total disability or even critical illness is the best way. Speak to our BR-Rela planners to find the right plan for you.

Bespoke Financial Planning

Financial planning is the act of strategising the best method to reach a financial goal. But throw ´Bespoke´ into the picture and it widens the spectrum of the plan tenfold, encompassing not just you, but also your loved ones. Saving, Investing and achieving one's goal is important, but it is only worthwhile with your family´s peace of mind, in mind.

In the case when the unexpected occurs and disrupts the entire plan, the ones affected the most are our loved ones. Hence, a bespoke financial planning plan covers protection, emergency funds, savings, retirement, investment, and legacy planning. It is a difficult road for one to walk themselves, but together with BR-Rela, we´ll lay everything out on the table and find what's best to suit your situation.

Retirement Planning

A comfortable retirement plan should be what everyone strives to build for. But how well have you prepared for your retirement? A common conception of aging parents are that their children would eventually take care of them, after everything we’ve provided them for. But this mindset would only restrict and hinder the child’s potential of achieving their own dreams.

Child Education Planning

A child’s education very well paves the road to their future. Where savings come in ways more than plenty, knowing which works best for your child’s educational development can be tricky to the untrained eye. Although scholarships and education loans may be available, they’re not always guaranteed. It’s time we chat on the factors of saving for your child’s future education, a process of planning a fund that is safe from misuse even in the event where you are no longer around to manage it.

Group Company Employee Benefits

Finding the perfect insurance package for your company can be jarring. A fact is that most of the time, businesses overlook the importance of their insurance plan, splurging large amounts of money on a plan without first understanding what the plan protects them from. When employers do not have a clue on what protects the company, the employees are left in the dark — or sometimes worse. Now, before making any impulsive purchases, speak to BR-Rela’s team of experienced insurance planners for insights, advice, and consolidated reports on the business insurance coverage. It’s never too late to insure your business with us.

Medical & Accident Insurance

There's a reason why it's called an ´accident´ - no one expects it. But when it does, are we prepared for the potential setbacks, especially financially? To make matters worse, if we require continuous medical treatment, can we afford to have it at our hospital of choice?

While finding information regarding accidental and medical insurance online is easy nowadays, there may be an overload of information to sort through. It is always good to talk to a professional in the field who can advise you on the best fit to your situation.

Whole of Life

Whole of life is a term to define a life insurance that covers you for your entire lifetime with the purpose of providing and creating a meaningful legacy for your loved ones. The financial definition of a ¨Legacy¨ is to leave behind something memorable for the next generation to remember you by and the whole of life insurance will be there to ensure there is enough wealth left behind to be remembered humbly.

Think of it this way: A hardworking father has spent his whole life providing for his children with the best education that money can afford, under a roof where he will spend his retiring days at. With proper facilitated planning, the aging father can rest easy knowing that, for generations to come, his estates and assets are distributed fairly and according to plan and if he educates his children to practice the same as he did. Well… we will let you imagine the rest.


Introducing Team

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Calvin Kong

(AMBD License No.: License / Serial No. 258 / AIA)

The Legacy Planner for Memori, and newly appointed Agency Manager at AIA Singapore Private Limited Brunei Branch; where he was awarded top Life Insurance planner for 2018 and currently leads a young and diverse team of 10, coaching them to become future leaders. In 2014, Calvin graduated with distinctions, Masters in Business Analytics, University of Kent. Following in the footsteps of his mother - who is also an agency leader - Calvin is the second generation to succeed the family insurance business. From then on, he has accumulated 9 years of experience under his belt, from being a Certified Financial Planner and accredited Financial Planning Practitioner, to qualifying twice in the 2018 & 2019 Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT).

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Afizah Osili

(AMBD License No.: License / Serial No. 223 / AIA)

An Associate Financial Planner and member of the Financial Planning Association of Brunei Darussalam since 2016, Afizah graduated back in 2014 with Honours in Bachelor of Engineering, Chemical Engineering at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, and is currently undertaking the Certified Financial Planner course. Sitting at 5 years of experience in the industry, she is oftenly invited to speak on Financial Planning topics for seminars and on RTB ‘Rampai Pagi’.

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